Cup winning Team

Fundraising Race Night for Crescent Junior Rugby

2010 was an incredibly successful year for Crescent Junior Rugby, culminating in a historic Cup win (follow this link to view pictures of the campaign). It is with this in mind we are looking for your support for the upcoming 2010/11 JCT campaign.

Cup winning Team

Last year did not happen by accident. Last year’s team have no doubt that the turning point of the season was the tour to France. That tour was funded entirely by a race night which provided the winning foundation for the rest of the season. Given the SUCCESS that the event led to, it has been decided that the 2010/11 JCT team should prepare in a similar fashion.

Without doubt, securing a consecutive JCT CUP WIN would be an outstanding highlight in Crescent Rugby and with YOUR SUPPORT we will give this campaign one hell of a rattle. Arrangements are in place for a similar tour to London in October. To ensure that this trip can take place, we are running another race night on Friday October 1st (time is limited) and we are appealing for your support and sponsorship.

 The following is a break-down of the sponsorship opportunities in advance of the race night:

  1. Sponsor a race €200 euro:
    Race Sponsor, your company name will be displayed in the header/footer of the race card.
  2. Advertise in the race programme €100:
    You can place a full one page advertisement in the race programme.
  3. Buy a racehorse €100 euro:
    In each race there are ten horses, and you can sponsor a ‘full horse’ i.e. the horse, trainer, jockey, owner & stable-boy as a package.
  4. Sponsor a single horse €20:
    You can sponsor a single horse item i.e. a horse, a jockey etc. on their own.

Race Sponsorship Card

For those really committed you can take the attached card and get as many friends, family and colleagues to donate €20 (or a combination of donations amounting to €20).

Click here to download the Sponsorship Card


Lead Sponsor

Your company, or a couple of colleagues combined, can be the lead sponsors of the race night (€400 front cover; €300 back cover; €650 combined). Outside of the essential event details on the front cover, you are free to use this space as you wish.



In addition to the above sponsorship, any additional donation, small or large, will be gratefully accepted.


It won’t happen by chance and & we need your SUPPORT so please reply now. Time is limited. Mail back now with your commitment to HELP and we will look after the rest. Postal payments/donations should be sent  to John Gavin or Tony Trehy by Thursday Sept. 30th at the address below. Cheques should be made out to ‘CCC Junior Rugby’.


John Gavin (or Tony Trehy),

JCT Campaign 2010/11,

Crescent College Comprehensive,

Dooradoyle Rd.,


If you need to get in contact, please use one of the following email addresses:

Your assistance and support is greatly appreciated and it will be YOUR PART in ensuring Crescent can continue to compete on the field!!

So please send your commitment NOW!!

Yours sincerely,

Crescent Junior Cup Squad 2010/11.