Crescent 1980s Quiz

It’s just a bit of fun so test your Crescent 80s knowledge .. challenge your friends .. share on social media

#1. Approximately how many acres does the CCC school campus encompass

#2. In the 1980s what could 5th and 6th years do in the social area over the gym

#3. What member of staff used the phrase "You creeep"

#4. What school walk was done every year and is named after a jesuit staff member

#5. Identify this person from the 1985 Colours Day

#6. Where were hockey matches played in the 1980s

#7. What was Joe O'Connor the maths teachers nickname

#8. Identify the person on the right hand-hand side of photograph



Well done

You’re a star pupil .. your memories of Crescent are strong .. see can your classmates match you.

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Go and see Fr. Murray you slacker

Looks like you were not paying attention in class.  Why not see if your classmates were any more alert.

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