Crescent 1970s Quiz

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#1. What item, located on the first floor landing, was used as an ashtray by students and their predecessors?

#2. What was the sovereign name of the confectionery bun that was sold in the shop beside South's beloved of senior SHC students at the 11 O'Clock break?

#3. What invitation did a student need when required to visit the Dean of Studies?

#4. Which journalist / broadcaster served as the schools vice captain

#5. Who was the first caretaker in the Comprehensive in Dooradoyle

#6. There were 6 year names in The Sacred Heart, Crescent (Rhetoric, Syntax, Elements, Rudiments). Name the missing two.

#7. What was the Headmaster position known as prior to the Comprehensive days?

#8. What was the name of the rugby grounds used by the school prior to the move to Dooradoyle ?

#9. A Crescent past pupil (LC1972) served as Headmaster of St Munchins College. Can you name him?

#10. When the late teacher and former pupil Dudley Herbert played rugby for the school, in what position did he play?



Excellent work, our records show this isn’t the first exam you’ve passed.

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Take this docket to the Dean of Studies to receive your punishment.

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