Celebracion de Musica

In October, two past pupils from the world of music Bill Whelan (Class of 1968) and Réamonn Keary (Class of 1979) acted as adjudicators for the Celebracion de Musica, which featured choirs and orchestras from our fellow Jesuit schools in Ireland.


Bill Whelan and Réamonn Keary adjudicating the Celebracion de la Musica on 10th October 2009 in CCC.

Another past pupil, Richard Harris (Class of 1949) was honoured with a performance of his iconic hit, “MacArthur Park” by a past pupils orchestra who came together for the occasion. Bill Whelan introduced the piece with a letter from the composer Jimmy Webb, which was a fantastic honour for all involved. Richie Ryan (Class of 1981) performed the vocal solo, accompanied by an orchestra of past and some current pupils. Many thanks to CCC Music teacher Róisín Lavery for organising this very special event.


Róisín Lavery conducts the Past Pupils Orchestra: Sheila Hickey-Allen (Class of 1986); David Keary (Class of 1983); Marie Dalton (Class of 1993); Bernice Molony (Class of 1992);  Helen Moloney (former Music teacher); Orla Molony (Class of 1999); Cliodhna de Paor (Class of 2009); Ciara Walsh (Class of 2008) ; Niamh Murray (Class of 2008); Eimear McCartney (Class of 2008) ; Anna Keogh (Class of 2008); Austin Keogh (Class of 2007); Caoimhe de Paor (Class of 2007); Doireann de Paor (Class of 2007); Andrew Jordan (Class of 2003); Michael Young (Class of 2006).