Past Pupils Union Committee 2017

The following were elected at the AGM for the committee for 2017

  • Harry McNamara (President) 1973
  • Orla Prendergast (Vice-President) 1982
  • Thomas J. Kelly (Hon. Secretary) 1990
  • Jeannie O’Malley (Hon. Treasurer) 1989
  • Kevin Baggott – 1993
  • Anthony Barry – 1990
  • Rachel Barry – 1984
  • Rachel Coleman Godfrey – 1991
  • Shane Costello – 2002
  • Fiona Ferreira – 1985
  • Geraldine Heslin Deery – 1983
  • John Hurley – Staff
  • Thomas J. Kelly – 1990
  • Liam Kenihan (Digital Archive & Photographer) – 1988
  • Gerry MacNamara – 1962 (outgoing President)
  • Brian Nolan – 1968
  • Donal O’Carroll – 1986
  • Eoin O’Sullivan (Website Manager) – 1988
  • Clodagh Powell – 1993
  • Jayne Power Ryan – 1991
  • Aedin Prendergast – 1988
  • Cathal Quinn – 1992
  • Don Reddan – 1957 (Past President)
  • Aoise Ryan – 1990
  • Tony White (IFJA and Dublin branch liaison) – 1963
Past Pupils Committee 2015

The Crescent Past Pupils Union is an association of past pupils, teachers and staff from the Sacred Heart College S.J. and the Crescent College Comprehensive S.J. in Limerick and members of the wider Crescent community.  The objectives of the Crescent Past Pupils’ Union are:

  • Network & Connect

    To provide a social and welcoming place where past pupils, teachers, staff, and members of the wider Crescent community can connect and communicate. To develop and maintain a strong national and international network of support for Crescent pupils and teachers past and present

  • Connect Present and Past

    To be a bridge between the current pupils, parents, teachers and past pupils, teachers, staff and members of the wider Crescent community

  • Promote Jesuit Ethos

    To help to maintain the Jesuit Ethos, consistent with the ‘Characteristics of Jesuit Education’, of the Crescent College Comprehensive S.J. and a past pupils’ community through links with Jesuit schools and past pupils’ associations in Ireland and internationally

  • Recognise Achievements

    To recognise and celebrate the achievements and contributions of past pupils and staff in the wider community

  • Volunteering

    To foster the tradition of voluntarism which has been a long and valued one in Jesuit education and to honour work done by members of the Crescent S.J. community in this area

  • Support Reunions

    To support the 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50+ year reunions of Sacred Heart College S.J. and Crescent College Comprehensive S.J past pupils

  • Fundraising

    To engage in fundraising activities which are of benefit to Crescent College Comprehensive S.J., to the past pupils and teachers of the Sacred Heart College S.J. and Crescent College Comprehensive S.J., and the wider community.

Crescent College Comprehensive

Crescent College Comprehensive S.J., which incorporates the Characteristics of Jesuit Education,seeks to develop a community of learning and academic excellence comprising teachers and parents collaborating to fulfil the potential of each individual pupil. This will involve teachers, parents and pupils working together to identify and develop an openness to religious, moral, social, intellectual, cultural and physical experience and to the word of God in all its dimensions. Each individual’s talents will be developed to the level of their personal potential for the benefit of community and humanity.

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